We're a distributed research group working on significantly improving learning systems and applying them to the toughest problems humanity faces. We do this by advancing theory and also building exceptional open source tools.

Manifold is a fairly unique research lab. We work in a different way to most other organizations, and take a capabilities focused view of AI. We believe learning systems should have:

  1. Multimodality: Learning systems should be able to handle multiple objectives across multiple modalities.
  2. Continual Learning: They should be able to update and adapt to changing data over time.
  3. Modular and Interpretable: Humans should be to understand and intervene appropriately.

We think there are numerous near term gains in various high impact applications if the above is achieved. Accordingly, we think of our work as falling into 3 categories: Algorithms and Theory, System and Infrastructure, and Applications.

If you're interested building the next generation of intelligent systems, reach out! We work hard, fast, with both ambition and excellence, and could use your help!